Between Two Worlds

—Blue Ink Review

“Joyce chose a fascinating time in history to set Between Two Worlds. It’s clear, based on his strong descriptions of concentration camp survivors’ physical conditions and war-torn Vienna, that he knows this subject.”

—Rachel Morris | Washington DC

“A beautiful mix of love and tragedy—this book is an intense read.”

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About the Book

Between Two Worlds is the second installation of a three-part series. In this book, Vienna Police Inspector Karl Marbach reunites with his colleague Stephen Kaas in going after a war criminal, Dr. Hans von Hassler.

As they chase the scientist, they both get themselves involved with love. Kaas discovers his former lover, Anna, is alive. Upon seeing her, he is appalled by the severe damage Anna got from the war. Marbach on the other hand meets Anna’s surgeon, Dr. Pamela Green, and develops feelings for her.

What is waiting for the two military men and their lovers?

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About the Author

Tom Joyce worked in Ohio jails and the Ohio State Penitentiary. During his military service, he took ex-Nazis to Frankurt, Germany, for de-Nazification proceedings.

After military service, he got a PhD from Cornell University. He has taught courses in criminology and sociology to FBI agents, police officers, and college students.

For a lot of years, he has been writing, rewriting, and re-rewriting stories about a Vienna police inspector in the 1930s and 1940s. He has three novels and a dozen short stories gleaned from chapters in the novels.

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